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下午营员们驱车到Target Sports Canada 射击场地,在签订了安全责任书后,Edgar 教练再次从手、方向、检查、声音等四个方面强调射击安全规则及注意事项。


在这之后,营员们整装待发,依次进行真枪实弹的射击运动。举枪,瞄准,扣板三连环,没有一点错误。保证安全最重要。第一次拿枪的老师也有些害怕,特别是听到砰砰的巨响,更增添了恐惧,但营员们记住Edgar 教练的安全要领,很顺利的依次每人各打三种枪,每枪十发子弹。










Day 9: Ask who is the hero in the worldThey are IEG Summer Camp 2018 Canadas students.

The vegetation swayed in the breeze, the birds sang in the flowers, and the students ushered the ninth day of sunrise.

Look, the camper named Lin Yijun has got up early and did not forget her mother's request to review the IELTStopic in the kitchen. She is really a good student who is diligent and motivated.

Look, the girl in red named Gao Qian, got up early in the morning and kept a diary in the laundry room, left behind some memories of her trip.

After a full breakfast, the campers led the teachers to sum up the deficiencies of the previous day and told the students how to independence, how to live and how to learn.

It was time for class in the morning, and all the students in the camp gathered in the classroom to listen to the safety lesson given by principal Jason for shooting training.  The learned and wise principal Jason talked about chemistry knowledge, physics knowledge and the history of gun development. he expressed the boring safety knowledge in humorous actions and language so that the students not only liked to hear it but also understood it easily.

Look, bullets are real guys.  Under the guidance of Jason, all 26 teachers and students in the camp conducted simulation exercises to experience the feeling of holding a gun at 3.1.  That look, everyone has the model of sharpshooter.  All this is to prepare for shooting at the real shooting range in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, the campers drove to the target sports Canada shooting ground. after signing the responsibility for safety, coach Edgar once again emphasized the shooting safety rules and precautions from the four aspects of hand, direction, inspection and sound.

After that, the battalion members were ready to go on firing with live ammunition.  Raise your gun, aim, and buckle the three links. there is no mistake.  It is most important to ensure safety.  The teacher who took the gun for the first time was also somewhat scared, especially when he heard the banging noise, which added to his fear. however, the battalion members remembered coach Edgar's safety principle and smoothly shot three different types of guns each in turn, with ten bullets each.

Life is full of examination rooms.  The students took a steady attitude, targeted them, and recorded the students' shooting results on the target paper.

Fellow camper Chang Le said that he started to play too high and buckle too tightly. later, he adjusted the way of the buckle plate machine and tried to let the bullets go out unconsciously, thus improving the accuracy and stability.

The battalion member Fang Tingyus classmates started shooting with full head sweat, but later they chose to face calmly and calmly. each shot was fought intently. although her shoulder was hurt by the top of the gun, he persevered and achieved very satisfactory results.

The short two-hour shooting gave the IEG Summer Camp 2018 Canadas students another extraordinary experience.

Life is a kind of endurance.  You can bear as much pressure as you support the weight.  The shooting class enabled the battalion members to learn to bear, learn to be cautious, and learn to be strong.

Look, Lyu Quan a sensible person, learned that supermarkets bought flowers to Jason, who paid for our trip carefully, and expressed gratitude.

The student who took part in the IEG summer camp Canadian study tour have really grown up. I believe they have boundless prospects and are free to fly under their parents' free love tour!


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